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What can you expect?

When you join Cubs, the big thing you’ll notice is the liveliness and action packed programme we provide. When we think of Cubs, usually the image we get is doing “bob a job” and tying boring knots all the time …… not here! Scrap that image and give this one a go.

The 1st Romiley Scout Group family like to go away on trips as much as staying in the hut and playing games.

We run trips out to cool places like the Airport, Leeds Armoury, Steam Railways, Legoland, and even Cadbury’s world!

We love Fires, marsh mallows and weird and wacky cooking creations …… ever tried to cook an egg in an orange peel? We have – and while it might not beat a good chippy, you can learn how to cook to survive!

Camping in all weathers. Sun, rain, mud and even sometimes snow!


Fun games like capture the flag, manhunt, dodgeball, bombs over are a regular week in week out – make sure you’ve got a good waterproof and a torch!

Rather than just tie a not, why not use your rope skills to make your own tents, survival shelters … and even a trap to catch Akela!

Ever dreamed of climbing Everest ….. well maybe one day you will, but how about Rock Climbing and abseiling with the safety of a rope to get you started…. Even Bear Grylls had to begin somewhere, and that place was Cubs!

Finally, kick Bob-A-Job into touch and try Bob-A-Jog to raise funds for our group! A 5km run round Brabyns park early in the morning will set you up for a good day!


All leaders are CRB checked to assure you of the safety of the environment.