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1st Romiley Scout Group are proud and privileged to be involved in the Incredible Edible project, using community land to grow food freely available for our community.

This is part of our Give Back to our community.

Since 2013, we have helped the Incredible Edible project running the Food For Free event below, where we helped cook rabbit, pigeon and vegetable kebabs for anyone who stopped by our set up on Tangshutts Park. We also set up some GeoCaches and helped run a survival workshop too, while the Friends of Tangshutts made pancakes filled with fruit grown on the park.

One Sunny day in March you might have spotted us filling the planters next to Rosie’s cafe next to Romiley Station. Tough work, but Incredible Edible kindly supplied us with enough wood to make 3 large planters which the Beavers and Scouts are growing their own vegetables this very second. This supports their badge work (Gardening for Beavers, Small holding for Scouts).

May 2014 saw us again on Tangshutts, where we put up a tent with some games for anyone turning up to the May Day On The Meadow event run by Friends OF Tangshutts. We chose Nerf Gun target practice shooting down Star Wars pictures. May The Fourth Be WIth You! (Well, ok, it was the 5th – close enough!).

Watch this space for our further work, but if you would like to find out more about this project, please visit the FaceBook page at

See you at the next event!